2018 EBA Stress Test:
How SAS can support

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2018 EBA Stress Test: How SAS can support

Last June 7th, 2017, EBA has published the draft guidelines for banks to answer the new 2018 EU-Wide Stress Test exercise, including for the first time the stress test of the IFRS 9 Impairment Losses.

Which are the main challenges to achieve the new requirements on time for the due date March 2018? Which are the impacts on the systems? How to avoid the increase of IT costs minimizing the impacts on the Risk Department daily activities?

SAS is market leader in the Risk Management and directly involved in more than 50 projects on going on IFRS 9.

In this webinar our SAS experts will show you some of the best practices and a demo of the main relevant aspects of the SAS Framework to support the 2018 EBA Stress Test exercise:

  • Stress Test process orchestration
  • Risk parameters projection
  • IFRS 9 stress test
  • RWA stress test

Preferred audience
 CRO, Credit Risk Managers, IFRS9 and Stress Test program directors, IT Managers.