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Insurance Fraud Webinar Series

Operationalize Analytics & put a Robust Line of Defense in work

On-Demand Webinar Series

Insurance fraud is a very real issue for all insurers. The global recession has fueled an increase in fraud which is affecting the industry, adding extra pressure to already tight margins.

With increased competition, reduction in the reliance on investment income, emerging new distribution channels, and an overall squeeze on expenses to manage down the Operating Ratio, most insurers are currently investing in digital disruption initiatives looking at how they can better detect and prevent insurance fraud.

The application of business analytics coupled with suitable internal processes and teams have been proven to detect and prevent claims fraud efficiently and make a positive contribution to the insurer’s Combined Ratio.

Join the webinar series to learn how Fraud Analytics can be your additional line of defense helping you tackle Claims and Underwriting Fraud in the digital age as well as how to be better prepared for a successful project delivery.

The two webinars of the Series were held on June 23rd and September 29th 2016 and their recorded version is available on demand. 

Watch the two 30-minute Webinars:

Analytical Fraud: Preparing for a successful Project | Available On-Demand

Watch this on-demand webinar which has objective to pass on the experience of SAS to help ensure a successful fraud detection software engagement. This will help align your company’s project initiation with our best practice and yield significantly better likelihood of success with the project.

Tackling Insurance Fraud in the Digital Age | Available On-Demand

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can build through Fraud Analytics, your essential layer of protection,  helping you tackle claims & underwriting fraud in the digital age.

During the webinar, we simulate the day in the life of a fraud team.

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 Tackling Insurance Fraud in the Digital Age
 Analytical Fraud: Preparing for a successful Project

David Hartley 
Director, Fraud and Financial Crime Practice, SAS

David is a 14 year SAS veteran based in the UK but working across Europe the Middle East and Africa.  He is responsible for the direction and development of specific analytics solutions address insurance fraud detection and prevention. He has extensive experience with SAS Fraud Framework for Insurance solution as he has worked around the world with top insurance companies, that use it to detect more suspicious claims cases, reducing their false positive ratio in investigation and using the solution to identify potential fraud within the various third parties involved in the claims process including agents, garages, doctors/medical providers etc. and internal fraud.

 Who should attend
  • CEO
  • CRO
  • CIO
  • General Manager Motor
  • General Manager Property and Casualty
  • Claims Director/Manager
  • Underwriting Director/Manager
  • Investigators Director/Manager
  • Investigation Unit Officers
  • Internal Audit Director/Manager
  • Finance Manager


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