Superior Customer Experience in the Digital Age
Leveraging streaming data and contextual marketing to ensure next-best personalized offer across all channels in real-time.

Today, data is constantly flowing in and out of organizations from different sources. The huge volumes of digital data being created change radically the use of traditional analysis, where data is stored and then analyzed.

Learn how easy you can assess streaming data as it’s being generated before data is even stored and how Marketers can exploit the structured and unstructured streaming data generated (from social media, call centers, devices, cellphone usage data etc.) by applying advanced analytics to determine experience-based and context-based real-time marketing actions like online offers personalization as customers contemplate a purchase, or make ads relevant while they are physically shopping in stores or over the web.  

By participating in this webinar you will get insights on how you can:

take advantage of these data, gain real-time insights into the needs and behaviors of customers

react with real-time offers, influencing a situation before it’s over

combine advance analytics with streaming data in real-time offers


Federico Alberto Pozzi

Analytical Consultant, SAS