Stephen McDaniel

Stephen McDaniel
Independent Consultant 

Stephen McDaniel is a west coast-based independent consultant and trainer focused on meeting business needs with simple technical solutions. He loves to help businesses solve their challenges by putting users first with the intelligent merger of data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytic capabilities. Previously, Stephen was the Senior Manager in charge of the SAS Enterprise Guide and the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office development teams at SAS. Stephen has been a SAS user for more than 17 years and has experience at over 50 companies as a statistician, statistical programmer, product manager, and manager of data warehousing and business intelligence.

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SAS For Dummies, Second Edition

SAS For Dummies, Second Edition

By Stephen McDaniel and Chris Hemedinger 

SAS for Dummies

SAS For Dummies

By Stephen McDaniel and Chris Hemedinger

*Copies may be available from and other booksellers.

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