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Risk Management for Banking

SAS® Risk Management for Banking

Rethink the way you perform risk analysis and risk-based capital calculations

Measure exposure and risk across all risk types and books of business with a high-quality, integrated risk data infrastructure. Business units can calculate risk measures independently and separately, as well as firmwide, using models and correlated aggregation techniques. And you can also distribute incentives for consistent optimization of risk-adjusted returns throughout the organization.


Gain a comprehensive view of risk across risk types.

Analyze risk/return profiles across all lines of business, and calculate portfolio risks with respect to different risk measures, such as value-at-risk, expected shortfall, earnings-at-risk or liquidity-at-risk.

Support innovation and adapt to changing needs.

Adapt to changing business needs both today and in the future by customizing models, analyses and reports on an ongoing basis. And support innovation by introducing new risk measures and models in a fully transparent and auditable environment.

Adopt an integrated risk manage­ment strategy.

Enable the effective dis­tribution of key risk information across the enterprise to different user types by adopting an integrated risk management strategy that meets all data, methodology and usability require­ments.

Take full advantage of opportunities.

Portfolio optimization capabilities enable you to identify buy/sell strate­gies for attaining portfolios with better risk-return characteristics. And you can reallocate capital and risk capacity to take full advantage of current and future business opportunities.

Extract, integrate and validate all necessary risk data.

Use data from nearly any source, includ­ing market data providers, portfolio/loan accounting systems, trade cap­ture systems, clearing systems, etc.

Get up and running quickly.

Preconfigured models, methods and reports for market risk, credit risk, AML and firmwide risk enable you to get up and running quickly.

Control – and gain ownership of –  your risk data.

Gain more control over – and owner­ship of –  your risk data with compre­hensive data management capabilities, a banking-specific data model and prebuilt data management processes.


Lower your total cost of ownership.

As an end-to-end solution that covers everything from data management to risk analysis to reporting, SAS Risk Management for Banking enables you to lower your total cost of ownership.


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Risk Management for Banking
  • Risk data management
  • Risk reporting
  • Asset and liability management


  • Credit risk management
  • Market risk management
  • Firmwide risk management

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