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We’re pleased that you're considering SAS®. You've just taken the first step to get more out of your data, and to use it to make faster, smarter decisions. After all, the decisions you make today will help determine your future. And we know that your next decision will be your best one yet.

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Software Licensing

Thousands of SAS customers around the world continue to invest in our software because it delivers immediate and lasting value. This is why we've always licensed our software on an annual basis. You pay a first-year fee and then yearly renewals. With your SAS licensing agreement,  you receive:

  • Free software upgrades
  • Free technical support
  • Free online documentation and support center

Experience SAS® in Action

To gain a full understanding of the power of SAS, you have to see it in action. Billions of rows of data analyzed in seconds. Insights served up through stunning visualizations. All presented with the thoughtful guidance of an expert in your industry. Contact us today for your free demo.

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Software Trial

We often get requests for a “free trial” version of SAS. Yet, SAS isn’t one-size-fits-all. The right SAS solution for one customer isn’t necessarily the right solution for another. And that’s the way it should be. We take great pride in ensuring that we understand and deliver a solution that addresses your needs. So please contact us, and we’ll work together to find the best SAS solution for you.

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Training & Books

SAS offers a rich variety of resources to help build your SAS skills so you can explore and apply the full power of SAS software. Whether you are in a professional or academic setting, we have learning products that can help you maximize your investment in SAS.

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