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SAS® Cybersecurity

The essential layer for cyberdefense

Detect attackers’ reconnaissance activities in real time. Heighten the intelligence of your existing security infrastructure to find hidden patterns and relationships suggesting malicious activity. Make better business decisions about your cyberrisks. SAS Cybersecurity arms you with an essential layer of business-relevant cyberanalytics that enhances your existing security defenses.



Inject intelligence at scale.

Identify possible threats and prevent attackers from finding your organization’s sensitive information. SAS Cybersecurity finds complex links in all your network and enterprise data to give you immediate and continuous cybersecurity risk insight. By recognizing potential threats sooner, you can take action faster to neutralize their impact.

Gain true situational awareness.

Understand the meaning behind each cyberrisk to develop the most effective mitigation strategy. SAS Cybersecurity uses real-time behavioral analytics on correlated data to understand normal versus abnormal activity. With this knowledge, the solution can find hidden patterns that may indicate suspicious activity.

Improve SOC efficiency with analytic-driven triage.

Focus security operations center (SOC) investigations, and rescue security analysts drowning in data, false positives and duplicate alerts. Enable security analysts to manage an accurate, prioritized short list of critical risks. SAS Cybersecurity helps security analysts do what they do best, without requiring them to become data scientists.

Stay abreast of trends and adversaries.

Attackers are getting smarter when it comes to breaching security measures, but SAS Cybersecurity helps you stay a step ahead of the game. Behavioral analytics automatically evolves cyberanalytic models based on new events, new data and new contexts. So when attackers get more sophisticated, so do your detection methods.

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SAS Cybersecurity screenshot on desktop monitor
  • Contextual data enrichment. Augments network flow with business information and external threat data to detect cyberrisks based on your specific business workflows.
  • "Right-timed," multilayered analytics. Optimizes the speed and complexity of analytics across the real-time, near-time and "any-time" continuum for faster and deeper situational awareness.
  • Visual data exploration. Enables risk exploration without requiring previous analytics knowledge or expertise.
  • Continuously updated intelligence. Behavioral analytics automatically evolve cyberanalytic models based on new events, new data and new context.
  • Cost-efficient, optimized data storage. Reduces your storage footprint by saving only the relevant data for analysis on commodity hardware.

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