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SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server®

Fast, on-demand delivery of data subsets

SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server® is optimized to deliver subsets of information that need to be gathered from large stores of enterprise data, quickly and on demand. The solution ensures that reporting and analytic applications maintain consistent performance and that data integration processes do not exceed the time windows that are available, even as enterprise data volumes continue to grow.


Significantly speed up the gathering of subset information.

Most reporting and analytic applications require only a subset of enterprise data. SAS Scalable Performance Data Server uses parallel storage technologies and hardware to reduce overhead, such as the two-phase commit, which is incurred with transactional systems. This significantly shortens search and delivery times.

Optimize the performance for reporting and analytic applications.

By separating the transactional data store from the reporting and analytic application data stores, each can be tuned for the appropriate task requirements. You get better performance for reporting and analyses while reducing the load on operational systems.

Reduce data integration processing times, irrespective of data size.

An integrated extraction, transformation and loading process moves data from transactional systems to the SAS Scalable Performance Data Server, using parallel storage and efficient indexing. This reduces processing time, allowing data and indexes to be refreshed rapidly, regardless of data size. The use of integrated metadata ensures data consistency and reduces the time spent maintaining vast quantities of data.



  • Partitioning and parallel processing
  • Unique indexing technology
  • Query optimization

  • SQL Pass-Through support
  • Management and security

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