SAS® Rapid Predictive Modeler

Generate predictive models quickly and easily, and apply results to improve decision making

As more organizations turn to analytics for insights, business users must increasingly rely on statisticians and modelers to produce the predictive models and results that are needed to make better decisions.

With SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler, business analysts and subject-matter experts with limited statistical expertise can quickly generate their own predictive models based on their specific needs and business scenarios. This enables a wide range of individuals to use and benefit from predictive analytics without always having to rely on a potentially limited pool of overburdened analytic resources.

SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler automatically guides users through a behind-the-scenes workflow of data preparation and data mining tasks, enabling them to generate their own models, derive on-demand insights and act on them to solve business problems quickly and effectively. It also allows statisticians or modelers to generate quick, baseline models when they are short on time and resources.

SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler is a component of SAS Enterprise Miner. It runs from either SAS Enterprise Guide or Microsoft Excel surfaced via the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office.


Eases the process of creating efficient, reliable and robust data mining models

  • Enables business analysts and subject-matter experts to explore and analyze their data using the familiar, visual interfaces of either SAS® Enterprise Guide® or Microsoft Excel surfaced via the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office.
  • Offers a choice of basic, intermediate and advanced prebuilt models that use a broad range of classical and modern data modeling techniques.
  • Automatically treats the data to handle outliers, missing values, rare target events, skewed data, correlated variables, variable selection and model selection.
  • Lets users develop modeling and scoring tables using the data preparation tasks to stack, transpose, join, filter and sample data.

Produces easy-to-interpret charts and reports

  • Presents results in a visual interface to help users understand model performance, including scorecards, lift charts and ranking of key variables.
  • Provides results in business terms that are easy to understand, including scorecards, lift charts and rankings of key variables.
  • Generates descriptive reports and graphs using tasks such as summary statistics, distributional analysis and one-way frequencies.
  • Lets users interact with and explore data using bar charts, scatter plots, box plots, histograms and other graphic tasks.

Provides a variety of tasks to support the complete predictive modeling process

  • Models can be further customized or augmented by modelers or statisticians using SAS® Enterprise Miner™.
  • Models can be registered to the SAS Metadata Server for direct use in other SAS products to automate deployment to other systems.
  • Models can be deployed inside Teradata, IBM DB2 and Netezza databases using SAS Scoring Accelerator.

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