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The hotel business is all about price. Or is it? How are consumers using other information like reviews and ratings? In order to set profitable pricing and positioning strategies, hotels need to consider how consumers assess the value of a hotel purchase.

To understand how business travelers assess this value, Kelly McGuire, Executive Director of the Hospitality and Travel Global Practice at SAS, and Breffni Noone, Associate Professor at The Pennsylvania State University, recruited an online panel of business travelers who travel at least six times per year. By tracking the panelists’ pattern of choices, they were able to gain key insights into the most important attributes of assessing value.

Watch this video with McGuire and Noone to hear their findings and discover how hotel revenue managers should be evolving their pricing and brand strategies.

Traveler Infographic

Download our infographic for a preview of the study results that will be presented.



Kelly McGuire, PhD
Executive Director
Hospitality and Travel Global Practice

Breffni Noone

Breffni Noone, PhD
Associate Professor
The Pennsylvania State University

Presented with

Penn State University

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