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When your customers interact with your organization, they are one person, with one story. They want you to understand all their interactions as one, and communicate with them accordingly. But many organizations are still working in silos and only see the customer in terms of how the business is organized.

In this on-demand webinar originally recorded for the DMA Annual Conference, Robert Welborn, AVP Decision Scientist at financial services leader USAA, tells you how to break the customer story out of the silos and how to organize your analytics efforts to seek out each customer’s story. 

Welborn shares proven practices for organizing and operating to get the most out of insight-driven marketing. Watch and understand how to make sense of your analytics, and how to best break down the silos that are holding your company back.


Robert Welborn, AVP, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, USAA

Welborn manages predictive analytics projects at USAA as an AVP Decision Scientist. He works in the area of optimizing marketing and sales decisions and manages academic research for USAA at several universities. He and his team won the 2013 ANA Marketing Analytics Leadership Award and were profiled in the 2014 Forrester Research case study Extract Business Value From Your Mix Model by Tina Moffett and Jim Nail.

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