Quality Lifecycle Analysis

SAS® Quality Lifecycle Analysis

Quality in a new light – across the enterprise and throughout the entire product life cycle. Holistic, predictive and powerful.

Through advanced analytic and reporting technologies, SAS Quality Lifecycle Analysis delivers a solution that provides manufacturers with a holistic view of quality across the enterprise. It combines data integration, automation and analytics to create the most unbiased insight into large-scale manufacturing processes, helping organizations improve quality while better containing costs.


Gain a holistic view of the enterprise.

The SAS enterprise data model captures large volumes of data regardless of format or source and then transforms, standardizes, cleanses and prepares it for analysis. SAS analytics and reporting technologies enable manufacturers to align strategies in order to reduce the gap between target and actual performance.

Quickly understand changes.

World-class quality control delivers up-to-the-minute insight into the performance and quality of manufacturing operations, enabling tighter process control at every level. Early-warning analytics enable users to proactively address and take action to fix potential quality and performance issues before they become a customer problem.

Reduce the cost of quality.

SAS software's analytics and predictive data mining capabilities drive continuous quality increases, improved reliability and higher yields. This helps improve the overall manufacturing cost structure.



Quality Lifecycle Analysis
  • Enterprise, quality-centric data model.
  • Automated monitoring and alerting.
  • Predictive modeling.


  • Advanced analysis workbench.
  • Reporting and key performance indicator dashboards.

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