Gain a comprehensive view of interdependencies across enterprise risk and stress-testing processes.

A central environment for managing processes, controls and regulatory expectations for stress testing, IFRS 9/CECL and capital adequacy requirements.

Comprehensive governance

Maintains an inventory of all documentation explaining stress testing and capital planning steps, including the approval chain, workflow orchestration, process outcomes and controls.

Internal controls

Supports the posting of all evidence and artifacts related to each element of the control testing process.


Tracks controls aligned with regulatory principles and expectations. Automates control testing workflow procedures. 

Executive attestation

Fully supports the executive attestation process, including a summary of internal controls and self-assessment results.

Support for regulatory review

Provides a central point of control for managing regulatory exams, from the beginning of the process through issue resolution.

Document catalog

Provides a centralized library of all documents related to the stress-testing cycle, organized by principle, taxonomy, file structure and context.

Reduce the manual effort required to document, manage, assess, communicate, monitor change and audit stress testing processes for capital planning and review.

SAS Qualitative Assessment Manager showing capital planning workflow on desktop monitor

Gain a central point of control for managing organizationwide processes and regulatory exams. 

SAS Qualitative Assessment Manager provides comprehensive workflow capabilities for governing entire processes related to complying with Federal Reserve Supervisory Assessment of Capital Planning and Positions (SR 15-18/SR 15-19) and for related capital requirements processes for European and other international banks (Pillar 2 under Basel III). The solution also provides a central point of control for managing regulatory exams – from the beginning of the process through issue resolution – which facilitates the management, mitigation and resolution of any issues that arise through the self-evaluation process in preparation for a regulatory review.

Align stress testing processes with governance and regulatory requirements.

The solution supports independent reviews for control testing – from data reconciliation to sensitivity analysis – enabling management to align stress-testing processes with internal governance and external regulatory requirements. This includes the posting of all evidence and artifacts related to each element of the control testing process. 

SAS Qualitative Assessment Manager showing document catalog on desktop monitor
SAS Qualitative Assessment Manager showing assessment narrative on desktop monitor

Evaluate and manage your adherence to regulatory principles.

SAS Qualitative Assessment Manager enables you to identify gaps in your methodology compared with regulatory expectations and industry best practices. And because CFOs, or an equivalent executive authority, must sign off on (or attest to) processes and reporting results that affect the bank’s financial statements, the solution supports a comprehensive process for executive assessment and attestation of the reporting data. For larger banks, attestation of stress testing results is a discrete process.

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