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SAS® IT Resource Management

Optimize IT resource capacity and performance across the enterprise

SAS IT Resource Management allows organizations to analyze, monitor and anticipate the utilization and performance of the IT infrastructure by providing an enterprisewide view of IT services and resources. The solution helps deliver information on IT performance in an efficient, cost-effective manner while demonstrating measurable value to the business.


Align IT and business by making better decisions.

SAS IT Resource Management produces a comprehensive IT performance data warehouse that is enriched with statistics, summarized across user-defined time periods, and ready for analysis and reporting. This helps you answer questions about the current and forecasted performance and capacity of IT resources – demonstrating how IT is aligned with each business unit.

Plan for IT infrastructure demand and reduce risks.

SAS IT Resource Management helps predict when you might exceed IT resource capacity so you can plan for changing business requirements. Concise reporting of IT resource performance data helps identify underutilized IT resources – and brings insights to infrastructure consolidation or virtualization.

Reduce IT costs through better use of resources.

With a fact-based approach to managing your IT infrastructure, SAS IT Resource Management delivers the utilization, availability and performance information required to know and forecast IT resource needs. The information available through SAS IT Resource Management allows you to identify bottlenecks and address poor delivery service, helping reduce personnel, facilities, hardware and general IT operating costs.

Measure and manage all IT resources and services.

SAS IT Resource Management is designed to gather and consolidate IT resource data available throughout the IT infrastructure. The technology stages, standardizes, transforms, aggregates and delivers IT resource performance data for analysis and reporting from virtually any data source. SAS IT Resource Management produces reports and identifies statistical exceptions through a Web-based report management and delivery system.


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  • Interactive data integration environment
  • Enterprise access and interpretation of IT performance data
  • Flexible and open IT data mart
  • Data staging and data aggregation
  • Reporting and analysis
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