Embedded Customer Analytics

Develop better customer insights using AI and machine learning.

How SAS® Delivers Embedded Customer Analytics

Make better decisions, take action quickly and derive value faster with embedded customer analytics that delivers out-of-the-box insights.

An analytics-ready dynamic data set – without waiting for IT

Easily collect customer behavior data across all digital channels. Merge collected digital data with other offline data sources, and transform it into business-ready insight using simple, wizard-driven configuration tools. The result is an analytics- and marketing-ready data set that any SAS marketing solution can use, providing immediate insights.

Strong focus on data quality

Marketers today face a few main challenges – data access, technology limitations and resource constraints. SAS solutions provide the automated data collection and transformation processes to move past common data challenges. SAS builds in technically advanced reporting, attribution, testing and predictive analytics capabilities that enable you to take analytically driven actions.

Kick-starting the deeper needs of data scientists

Data scientists have long created classic GLM-based predictive models. Prescriptive analytics and machine learning techniques are now becoming the norm. SAS enables data scientists to easily manipulate and merge data in preparation for analytical modeling. Want to create models in other tools like R or Python for use in SAS marketing solutions? No problem.

Why SAS® for embedded customer analytics?

Use better analytics that relies on better data

Acting on analytic suggestions inside marketing can be difficult without analytics-ready data sets. The open, configurable data model that underpins SAS marketing solutions contains a hierarchy of granular data, starting at the individual interaction and moving to the creation of complete customer profiles.

Uncover business challenges & facilitate shared knowledge

Most marketing solutions today require you to configure reports and dashboards before you can glean insights. SAS provides many out-of-the-box reports that require no data manipulation. Understanding both your business challenges and customer activity has never been easier.

Operationalize advanced analytics inside marketing

Creating models in development environments is simple. Putting those models to work to answer conversion, retention and loyalty questions is much more difficult. Solutions like SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning provide data scientists with a variety of AI and machine learning techniques for use in marketing activities.

Iterate and improve your marketing analytics

Marketers want new technologies at their fingertips. With SAS Continuous Delivery, improvements and enhancements are provided as soon as they're available, not once or twice a year. As a result, you can react to the digital transformation challenges of today at the speed of digital.

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