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SAS® BookRunner® Commodity Capture

Manage multiple-commodity portfolios of any size or complexity

SAS BookRunner Commodity Capture is a complete solution for managing multiple-commodity portfolios of any size or complexity.

It handles deal capture – any energy commodity, any transaction, trading in any region – and physical and financial position reporting.


Helps risk managers monitor overall exposure.

With SAS BookRunner Commodity Capture, risk managers can monitor their overall exposure by accessing the latest information on key maintenance and reliability performance indicators, including drilling down to further information.

Provides an array of easy reporting options.

SAS BookRunner Commodity Capture empowers problem solvers by delivering critical information in a format that is easily understood. It enables business users to create ad hoc charts, graphs and reports through a Web-based, point-and-click interface. This means critical information can be disseminated within minutes, not days or weeks.

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  • User-friendly, thin-client GUI accessible through any Web browser.
  • Different methods for deal entry.
  • Middle-tier services and validation.
  • SAS BookRunner data model.
  • Choice of commodity types.
  • Choices for deal capture.
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