CMBC, with SAS, wins Best Data Analysis Award from The Asian Banker

The Asian Banker has presented its Best Data Analysis Award to the Credit Card Center of China Minsheng Banking Corp Ltd (CMBC). CMBC worked with business analytics leader SAS to implement its 360-degree Analysis and Management System for Customer Perspective. The Asian Banker's gala award ceremony, held in Bangkok, brought together prominent bankers from throughout the Asia Pacific area to exchange and share experiences.
The competition involved about 50 banks and financial organizations from dozens of Asia Pacific countries and regions. CMBC Credit Card Center and SAS stood out in the data analysis and application category. The award recognizes the most highly regarded and innovative organizations in this segment.

For banks, analytical decision making and quality management are increasingly tied to the ability to manage and analyze customer information. Effective business decisions rely on advanced data analysis. Using SAS® software, CMBC Credit Card Center can understand its customers and balance risk management and business expansion, in line with its 360-degree Analysis and Management System for Customer Perspective. The center offers specifically targets products and services to customers based on their profiles and preferences. CMBC then scores and tracks their credit risk more accurately to reduce business risks and maximize cross-selling and profitability while improving service.

"We are honored to have worked with SAS to win the Best Data Analysis Award from The Asian Banker," said Yang Ke, president of CMBC Credit Card Center. "We are dedicated to deepening our relationship with our customers to serve them better. The 360-degree system improves our ability to make fact-based, scientific decisions that support better programs for our customers. With SAS, we can provide more personalized service for card holders, increasing value for customers and returns for shareholders."

Cliff Wu, president of SAS Greater China said, "The 360-degree Analysis and Management System for Customer Perspective at CMBC demonstrates how the Chinese banking industry can devote itself to in-depth understanding of customers. This pioneering effort could only be achieved with help from SAS, which combines technical capability, experience in customer analytics and marketing automation, and worldwide leadership. This honor fully recognizes what CMBC and SAS achieved in managing customer relationships."

The leading business analytics software and service provider, SAS helps users make fact-based decisions quickly and accurately, to facilitate innovation in effective management and business growth. SAS helps organizations worldwide meet their needs for data analysis and business intelligence. SAS has been widely used for many large-scale implementations in the Chinese banking industry, and has become a standard enterprise-level platform for data mining and analytics. This platform helps users support critical applications from business analytics to customer intelligence and risk management.

About CMBC Credit Card Center

CMBC Credit Card Center is directly affiliated with the headquarters of China Minsheng Banking Corp Ltd. Located in Beijing, the headquarters supports first- and second-tier branches across 67 cities in the country. On June 16, 2005, the center issued the first Minsheng credit card at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Now, the circulation has reached roughly 13 million. Over its seven-year span, Minsheng credit card has developed a friendly brand associated with fashion, vitality, innovation and premium products among consumers – a results of increasing product and marketing innovation and superior customer service.     

О компании SAS

Компания SAS является крупнейшей в мире частной IT-компанией, специализирующейся на разработке и продаже решений и услуг в области бизнес-аналитики

Компания основана в 1976 году, и сегодня в ее офисах по всему миру работают более 14 тысяч сотрудников. В течение 41 года доход SAS постоянно возрастал и в 2016 г. достиг 3,2 млрд долларов. Клиентами SAS являются более 83 тысяч организаций в 158 странах мира. Среди них – 94 компании из первой сотни лидеров, включенных в список «2016 FORTUNE Global 500®». По данным IDC на середину 2017 года, SAS занимает около 30,5% мирового рынка углубленной аналитики.

В России и странах СНГ компания SAS начала работу в 1996 году. Заказчикам компания SAS предлагает полный спектр решений и услуг в области бизнес-аналитики: консалтинг, внедрение, обучение и техническую поддержку. Клиентами SAS в России и СНГ являются все 10 крупнейших российских банков (Сбербанк России, ВТБ, Газпромбанк и др.), 6 страховых компаний (Ингосстрах, Группа Ренессанс Страхование и др.), РЖД, «Аэрофлот», лидеры рынка розничной торговли (X5 Retail Group, Азбука Вкуса и др.), крупнейшие компании из телекоммуникационного и топливно-энергетического секторов, государственные организации.

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