Hans Strunge Bonde
Senior Industry Consultant

Hans Strunge Bonde’s professional engagement is driven by the ability to create supply chain transparency through digitalization and data analytics. With a doctoral candidate and a career in forecasting and planning processes, Hans can speak on various data-driven aspects of supply chain management and planning.

As his writings on Hidden Insights will testify, he is confident in data analytics’ abilities to reduce uncertainties for businesses - both upstream, downstream and internally.

Within the last decade, he has designed, built and implemented S&OP processes to create valid forecasts and plans in three large companies as well as created valuable tools to convert large sets of data into knowledge and decisions.

Hans has a Ph.D. in Management of Technology from Aalborg University which he wrote on Demand planning and forecasting with a process and software focus. His current role at SAS is as a Senior Industry Consultant.

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