Oi invests in analytics technology to improve customer relationships using big data

With SAS® Visual Analytics, communications provider doubles productivity and tracks 60 percent more KPIs

After deploying SAS® Visual Analytics, Oi, a pioneer in providing converged communication services in Brazil, is seeing positive results in customer relationship management (CRM). The company gathered multiple databases into a single interface, allowing it to enter data faster and boost access to information and decision-making tools. With SAS Visual Analytics, Oi doubled productivity in customer service and increased the number of KPIs monitored by about 60 percent.

To create the single interface, Oi needed to pull in big data from four CRM systems and three call center providers. Combining SAS Visual Analytics with what was already in place, Oi can now process more than 450 tables that update daily. That’s 10 terabytes of structured data and more than 12 million records per day. Plus, the environment manages more than 3 billion historical records. The system increases productivity – a central guideline for Oi in 2015 – and cuts costs.

The implementation also enables Oi to reduce the effort needed to generate information. This leaves more time to analyze data and identify deviations, which they can now fix more quickly without inconveniencing the client. Before, some reports involved two to three people and took up to a day to complete. After implementing SAS, a professional can update everything in two hours. In addition, it is now more affordable, and users can view reports at any time via the web or mobile devices.

Currently, Oi uses SAS Visual Analytics for customer service, quality and call center customer experience. Almost a year after implementing SAS, there are 120 professionals using the software. Oi predicts that number will reach 800 within six months.

"SAS Visual Analytics dispenses expert advice in a self-service tool. It is a simple platform, flexible and easy to use, both for the providers of information and the consumers,” said Monica Tyszler, Director of Solutions for SAS in Brazil. “It is gratifying that Oi was able to take full advantage of SAS software’s capabilities and reap the fruits.”

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About Oi

Oi, a pioneer in providing converged services in Brazil, offers local voice transmission and long-distance, mobile telephony, broadband, cable TV and Wi-Fi. Present throughout the national territory, the company has the highest penetration of Brazil’s network, reaching to remote areas of the country and promoting digital inclusion of the population. Oi provides telecommunications services for the retail and corporate markets, Oi provides innovative it solutions, hosted on a cloud computing platform, for companies of all sizes.

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