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Insurance Roundtable:
Reduce Insurance - Claims spend by combating Claims Fraud

16th May 2019 | 09:00 - 11:00 | Bucharest, Romania


The issue of fraud in insurance claims is a major problem for every insurance company on a global level, due to the constant rise in the activities of both individual fraudsters and organized crime networks. Insurance companies which lack robust and efficient controls for the detection and prevention of claims fraud:

  • Are usually forced to increase their insurance premiums to compensate for the losses resulting from fraud activity
  • Increasingly jeopardize their credibility and market reputation
  • Loose Money

All these points have a significant impact for a company’s profitability, as they risk losing customers and market share, in a challenging industry with heavy (and expanding) competition and high sensitivity in services pricing.

Why attend

  • We will focus on the topic of Claims Fraud within the insurance industry, leveraging our experience in multiple regions and markets around the world 
  • Event content is addressing the domains and needs of senior officers and managers of insurance companies, who are mostly affected by consequences of fraud activity, and are more seriously charged with combating it. 
  • We will provide insights from the ever-evolving trends and latest updates around fraud patterns. 
  • We will present innovative ways to detect, prevent and investigate fraudulent claims, based on successful case studies from insurance companies globally.

We look forward to seeing you on the 16th May at 09:00.

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