Marketing Optimization

SAS® Marketing Optimization

Prioritize. Maximize. And cut through the noise.

Make the most of every customer interaction throughout the customer journey. Deliver the best offer in every situation at the most appropriate time. And know how changes in business constraints will affect outcomes. Only SAS delivers true marketing and campaign optimization backed by powerful analytics. That means reduced costs. Higher ROI. And happier, more profitable customers.


Marketing Optimization
  • Robust optimization formulation. Predict the impact of constraints using true mathematical optimization.
  • Usability. An intuitive interface puts powerful optimization in the hands of marketers.
  • Scenario analysis. Run a variety of scenarios based on different constraints and objectives.
  • High-performance optimization engine. Perform detailed modeling, selection and what-if analysis using all your data, not a sample, in a fraction of the time.
By using SAS, we're getting an ROI in excess of 100% – a significant return for the cost of the solution. The way we're able to integrate the software within our overall campaign and customer contact strategy is giving us a significant edge over our competitors.
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