Access, analyze and present business data directly from your PC.

Access data from any source, manipulate and analyze the data, and present information in the most relevant format.

Integrate data to make better decisions.

SAS Analytics Pro for Midsize Business integrates with virtually any environment, unifying computing efforts and delivering a single view of data. Using this toolset, analysts at small and midsize businesses can see connections and uncover hidden relationships – freeing them to focus on analysis rather than data issues. A more timely, comprehensive and consistent view of data promotes faster, better decision making.

Reduce cost, complexity and IT dependence.

SAS software offers a full range of analysis, reporting and visualization tools, all from one vendor, in an affordable PC package that is easy to install and use. Organically developed and tightly integrated with core SAS capabilities, the software reduces licensing, maintenance, train­ing and IT support costs.

Enhance compliance efforts.

SAS statistical procedures are constantly updated to reflect the latest advances in methodology. Consequently, business users can obtain deep analytical insight and produce reliable, repeatable results that are easily documented and verified to comply with corporate and governmental requirements.

Meet all your visualization and reporting needs.

SAS software includes analytical-style graphs, maps and charts with any style of output required. Business users can easily create reports in standard formats such as RTF and PDF, and produce output in a variety of markup languages – without IT assistance.


SAS Analytics Pro for Midsize Business combines three of our most popular software products – Base SAS, SAS/STAT® and SAS/GRAPH® – in a PC package that's easy to install and use, without requiring resource-intensive IT support.

Intuitive, fourth-generation programming language

Highly flexible, extensible 4GL with easy-to-learn syntax includes hundreds of language elements and functions that support programming – from data extraction, formatting and cleansing to data analysis, reporting and information storage.

Advanced statistical analysis with powerful SAS Analytics

Provides a wide range of statistical methods – including geolocation analysis with built-in mapping capabilities – that are updated frequently to reflect the latest methodologies.

Prebuilt library of ready-to-use procedures in a web-based environment

Streamlines programming, analysis and reporting – and improves programmer productivity and efficiency – by delivering significant functionality executed with a few simple commands.

Data visualization, presentation and delivery

Enables visual presentation of ideas and findings using a wide variety of business maps, charts, plots and 3-D relationship graphs.

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