Newest version of JMP® makes hard things easy

Customer-driven improvements make discovery faster and easier

JMP® statistical discovery software from SAS has customer-inspired advances that speed the pace of discovery, from data preparation to analysis to presentation. JMP Pro 11 offers new methods for advanced analytics, including mixed models, generalized regression and uplift modeling. JMP 11 and JMP Pro 11 will be released Sept. 10.

"We look forward to the new advances and continue to see JMP as a leading innovator on how statistics are used to make everyday life a little better," said Thomas J. Lange, Procter & Gamble's Director of Modeling and Simulation for Corporate R&D.

"One of the joys of new versions of software is that a number of things that used to be hard all of a sudden become easy. Several steps melt into one step. Stop-and-start becomes flow," said John Sall, co-founder and Executive Vice President of SAS and head of SAS' JMP business unit. Sall will launch JMP 11 via live webcast at 10 a.m. ET Sept. 10 from Discovery Summit 2013 in San Antonio.

JMP 11 highlights:

  • Definitive screening designs separate the few factors that have a substantial effect on a response from the many that don’t.
  • Consumer research tools help you understand customer preferences.
  • New wizard simplifies data import from Microsoft Excel with less cleanup and formatting.
  • Transform variables with a single click to quickly display data from different perspectives.
  • "Informative missing" option treats missing values as informative categories.
  • Interactive HTML output enables JMP users to share interactive graphs and reports.
  • Integration with MATLAB supports engineers who use custom MATLAB models, programs or algorithms.
  • Improvements to Graph Builder include the ability to plot data on street-level maps.

JMP Pro 11 highlights:

  • Generalized Regression builds better predictive models despite data challenges.
  • Mixed Models fit a wide variety of linear models for continuous responses with complex covariance structures.
  • Uplift modeling helps find consumer segments most likely to respond to an offer or treatment.
  • Reliability Block Diagram lets users model the reliability of complex systems, identify and fix weak spots, and prevent system failures.

Customers love JMP 11 and JMP Pro 11:

"JMP is my go-to tool for on-the-fly data analysis. The Graph Builder keeps getting better, as I can now transform the data without leaving the platform. The vastly expanded Import options for Excel spreadsheets will make every analyst smile."
 Kaiser Fung, author of Numbersense: How to Use Big Data to Your Advantage, and Junk Charts blog

"One of the most exciting additions to JMP Pro is the new Uplift Modeling platform. Last year, I built differential response models to determine which TripAdvisor business listing subscribers would have the greatest increase in probability to renew for a given amount of additional exposure. The Uplift platform lets me model this difference directly."
– Michael Berry, Business Intelligence Director at TripAdvisor and co-founder of Data Miners Inc.

"The new features of JMP 11 make a great product even better. Missing data have always been a huge problem. With the informative missing option in JMP 11, it's easy to see how missing values impact the model and the predictions. Combining that with the variable importance tools in the Profiler puts the icing on the cake for model selection."
– Dick De Veaux, C. Carlisle and Margaret Tippit Professor of Statistics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Williams College

A fully functional 30-day trial of JMP is available free on the JMP website.

Sobre o JMP

O JMP foi criado pelo SAS em 1989, para capacitar cientistas e engenheiros a explorar dados visualmente. Desde então, o JMP tem crescido, partindo de um único produto para uma família de ferramentas de descoberta estatísticas, cada uma adaptada para responder a necessidades específicas. John Sall, co-fundador e vice-presidente executivo do SAS, lidera a unidade de negócios JMP.

Sobre o SAS

O SAS é líder em software analítico e serviços de consultoria, e o maior fornecedor independente no mercado de business analytics. Com aplicações de negócio inovadoras, suportadas por uma plataforma de inteligência empresarial, o SAS ajuda os seus clientes distribuídos por mais de 80.000 locais a tomarem as melhores decisões de forma mais rápida, aumentando o seu desempenho e valor de negócio. Desde 1976 que o SAS oferece aos seus clientes THE POWER TO KNOW®.

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