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Open Integration for Utility Analytics

Drive success with an open environment that accommodates diverse, complex data sets, multiple programming languages and a variety of user types.

Business Challenges

Utilities are moving toward an era of data-driven digital operations, and are doing so with an assortment of data sources, programming languages and users. This diversity – and the complex needs prevalent throughout the utility enterprise – dictate the necessity of an open analytics platform that can be integrated across the enterprise. For example, picture a utility with legacy data sets, open source coders, and a variety of third-party applications and data sets. The demand for open integration capabilities is very real and must be addressed holistically with an analytics platform capable of managing diversity and complexity to produce tangible business results. 

How Open Integration Can Help

Our analytics platform is the industry’s only truly open analytics platform that can meet your utility's enterprisewide needs in an open operating environment that includes:

  • The use of open source code.
  • The use of third-party APIs.
  • Massive complex data sets in an on-site or cloud environment.

Why SAS®?

SAS offers the industry’s only truly enterprise analytics solution that is open, scalable and governed. Legacy data sets? No problem. Open source coders? SAS embraces open source. Users ranging from analysts to executives? They all have a home with our open analytics platform.

Connect with SAS and see what we can do for you.