SAS® OnDemand for Education: Sustainability Management

Track, manage and communicate sustainable performance through the Web

For institutions struggling to calculate and report on their energy footprint, SAS offers a hosted and Web-based solution, SAS OnDemand for Education: Sustainability Management, to give higher education institutions the ability to easily track, manage and communicate their sustainability efforts and strategies.

With both greenhouse gas modeling and sustainability performance reporting, this holistic system enables colleges and universities to gather, store and report sustainability data for frameworks such as AASHE STARS, or create a custom set of performance indicators.

Now, sustainability staff members can focus less time on gathering and reporting their sustainability data, and more time on achieving successes on campus – all without additional hardware or software administration.


Standardize reporting on sustainability management frameworks such as AASHE STARS.

Create your own set of performance indicators, or follow externally published standard frameworks such as AASHE STARS or the SEI College Sustainability Report Card.

Underlying performance management technology makes it easy to create hierarchical relationships, roll-ups, formula-driven metrics and specialized visualization techniques.

Capture a single source of trusted sustainability institutional knowledge.

By establishing a platform that is broad enough to handle multiple constituents' demands, yet nimble enough to respond quickly, institutions can efficiently perform optimal analysis and reporting.

For internal problem investigation, users can navigate easily through hierarchical dashboards or reports and quickly focus on hidden anomalies through flags and alerts. Users share knowledge and collaborate by using notes and discussion threads.

Know your institution's energy footprint.

Through greenhouse gas emissions modeling, SAS structures data at the most detailed level available (meter or asset) so that it can be rolled up into departments, campus or operating units to understand and analyze actual energy consumption and carbon footprint of an institution.

Transparent accounting for energy and emissions provides an audit trail with the source of emissions factors used in the calculations.

Simplify data collection and management.

With this hosted solution, data is sent to SAS to be extracted, transformed and loaded into the system. SAS receives virtually any format of data and schedules the gathering of that data to fit your needs.

Through a simple Web interface, you also can manually enter data for AASHE STARS or sustainability-related metrics and show prior period results to help flag anomalies.

Know which metrics are related and which initiatives will have the greatest effect.

Reporting on historical numbers is only half the story. With SAS embedded analytics, you can understand relationships between metrics, run time series forecasts and perform simple what-if scenarios.

In return, you will gain invaluable insights into the future and defendable statistics to support your strategy and commitments.

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  • On-demand access to sustainability tracking and reporting.
  • Aggregate, measure and evaluate emissions for Scope 1, 2 and 3 activities.
  • AASHE STARS, Campus Action Plan and Sustainability Strategy Reporting.
  • Business intelligence with integrated advanced analytics.
  • Data integration.

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