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SAS is more committed than ever to the belief that knowledge is empowering. As an analytics leader, we are using our most advanced technology in innovative ways to help our customers across every industry combat the coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 Public Dashboard

This report uses SAS® Viya to visualize key metrics and trends related to the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll see continually updated stats on daily new confirmed cases, global spread by country, comparisons of selected countries and regions, and data trends to track the outbreak.

We’ve got the models. You give them meaning.

SAS has free SAS® Viya® modeling environments that let you visually explore trusted COVID-19 data – and make it your own. Analyze outbreak data, search from 50,000+ coronavirus documents, or even run different virus projection scenarios based on stages of the epidemic.

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Cleveland Clinic hopes to save lives by predicting medical resources needed for COVID-19 patients.



Germany: Robert Koch Institute is closer to determining where intensive care beds with ventilators are available.



Italy: Policlinico Gemelli using SAS analytics to manage the Covid-19 emergency.

Analytics connects people with data they can trust to respond confidently.


SAS and The Economist Intelligence Unit investigate the global economic impacts of COVID-19



Global Business Barometer (GBB): Tracking global sentiment during the crisis



Beyond coronavirus: Building resilient health care systems

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