What’s New in SAS® Viya® 3.4

Latest features make it easier to innovate with artificial intelligence.

Take advantage of the latest artificial intelligence (AI) innovations in SAS Viya 3.4, a cloud-enabled and open analytics engine that delivers everything you need for quick, accurate and consistent results – every time. Now with enhanced AI capabilities for built-in intelligence, simplicity, collaboration and transparency.

Embedded automation, increased productivity.

The latest SAS Viya release leverages AI to automate analytics – enabling you to address more business problems with the same set of resources. A suggestion engine simplifies data prep, and intuitive machine learning algorithms find hidden insights and emerging trends faster so you can focus on predicting outcomes and making data-driven decisions.

Added transparency and accountability.

Black-box artificial intelligence solutions make AI adoption difficult for most organizations, especially in highly regulated industries such as health care delivery, pharma and banking. SAS Viya 3.4 provides "explainability" out of the box by including support for modeling nodes such as PDP, LIME and ICE. With embedded machine learning attributes, predictions are more explainable, transparent and accountable.

Enhanced integration with open source.

A significant enhancement to SAS Viya 3.4 gives you the ability – and flexibility – to integrate with open and third-party applications, as well as take full advantage of all your AI assets. With the ability to embed open source models, you can easily access reporting and dashboards for a variety of models, including the CRM platform Salesforce, as well as MongoDB, JDBC, Amazon S3 and Python decision flows.

Simplified user experience.

SAS Viya 3.4 offers an intuitive experience with a highly interactive visual interface. Whether you’re a data scientist, domain expert, analyst, developer or business decision maker, you can get maximum value from your AI solutions running in the cloud, at the edge, in database or in memory.

Customized mobile apps.

The latest release of SAS Viya also gives you the ability to build and customize high-performance mobile apps for accessing content wherever you go. Access the latest AI-powered insights during any part of the analytical life cycle – from data to discovery to deployment – then share, collaborate and make decisions with greater confidence.

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