What's New in SAS® Visual Analytics 8.5

Check out some of the new features available in the latest release. 

Work smarter with data.

Prep data faster using suggestions.*

Get suggestions on your data prep so you can work faster. Justifications are provided for each suggestion to help you better understand the recommendation and make the best decision for your analysis. 

Enjoy a smoother Microsoft Excel import experience.

The new sheet selector makes it easier to import Microsoft Excel documents with multiple worksheets. Just drag and drop your workbook and select the sheets you’d like to import. 

Get powerful suggestions tailored to your data.*

Suggestions can automatically generate code-based analytic transformations like one-hot encoding, center and scale, and impute tailored to your data – no coding needed. 

Easily interpret insights.   

Take advantage of guided analytics.

Dynamic explanation text on Forecast, Decision Tree, Text Topics, Network Analysis, Path Analysis, Automated Explanation and Automated Prediction helps you better understand the results.

Data scientist? It's for you too.

Interpretability supports everyone across the SAS Platform, whether they're prepping data, building reports, visualizing data, or building analytical models and pipelines.

Understand data prep suggestions with explanations.*

You decide how open-ended you want your reports to be. Even data preparation suggestions are clearly explained so you can better understand what areas in your data could be improved and how you could improve them. 

See more dimensions, more geo.

Use multiple geographic layers.

Geomaps now let you include multiple measures on one map with different visualizations like regions, bubbles, contours and more. With multiple layers, you can quickly see more dimensions of your data in its location context, helping you gain deeper insights. 

Display labels and values on region maps.

Geographic regions can now show labels and values, so users don’t need to hover for tooltips to see region names or data values. 

Build custom geo objects.

You now can build custom geographic objects that combine even more layers and visualizations for use in your reports. Share custom geo objects across your organization and use them in any report.

Consider what if.

Get automated predictions.

With a single click, you can have SAS Visual Analytics build multiple machine learning models for your data based on the variable you’re interested in and automatically pick the best one to help you explore your data. 

Embed results anywhere.

You can embed the results of automated predictions in reports, on mobile devices, and in custom web and mobile apps so everyone at your organization can explore the relationships between variables. 

Explore the possibilities.

Model results are displayed with a simple UI anyone can use. Put in values for a specific case and see what the model predicts. It’s a great way to understand the relationships between variables in your data. 

*Requires additional SAS® Data Preparation license.

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