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Supply Chain Intelligence

Better quality. Greater customer satisfaction. Bigger profits.

Advantage, yours.

Understand demand patterns, your supply networks, operations, quality and customer service requirements like never before. SAS gives you a critical advantage. Combine data from multiple sources. Quickly analyze, visualize and share information. And achieve more accurate forecasts, greater integrated business planning efficiency, healthier profits and higher customer satisfaction.

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"With help from SAS, Wistron effortlessly deals with the complex management issues that arise from our successful and growing business."

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"SAS has allowed us to get a definition of quality from the view of the customer”

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"We’re now able to drill down through customer hierarchies and do things such as integrate the impact of promotions and special offers into the statistical models."

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Woman in the city drinking coffee outside in the city

Evento especial

Junte-se ao SAS no grande evento de Varejo, em 2017

Woman in the city drinking coffee outside in the city

Saiba como o SAS Analytics empodera a industria varejista à otimizar cada parte de seu negócio. O SAS pode ajudá-lo a se tornar um verdadeiro varejista omnichannel, melhorar a experiência do cliente e fortalecer a sua marca.

Retail’s Big Show
15 – 17 de Janeiro, 2017
Jacob Javits Center, New York
Booth 2842

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