Register, deploy and monitor open source models in one central environment, uniting data scientists and IT/DevOps.

Drive measurable business value by easily registering, deploying and monitoring your open source analytical models. 

Govern your open source models with confidence and ease. 

Centrally store and manage your open source models, regardless of the programming language used to create them – with complete traceability all the way back to the source. SAS Open Model Manager makes it easy to understand your analytical models' definition, properties and function – including who is testing, validating and approving different models – while fostering collaboration between DevOps, data scientists and business users.

Quickly and easily publish, validate and deploy models into production.

SAS Open Model Manager gives you complete choice and control over your models. The solution provides the scalability and flexibility you need to deploy your analytical models, along with operational processes, in a repeatable and traceable manner – at scale. Simplified scoring and publishing steps let you operationalize your open source models with just a few clicks – in runtime containers or online in real time – along with different operational environments.

Monitor model performance to ensure continued business value.

Models begin to degrade the moment you put them in production. With SAS Open Model Manager, you can monitor the performance of your analytical models to see if they continue to behave as expected after changes in market conditions or customer behavior, new data becomes available or there is concept drift. By monitoring their performance, you can avoid model decay and revalidate the business value of your models in production to keep them performing at the highest levels. 

Take advantage of the scalability, cost-efficiency and flexibility of containers.

Containerized analytics model management captures all the environmental dependencies for the analytic workload, and you can take advantage of distributed environments to deploy models at scale. Since the solution is designed specifically to meet the needs of the open source community, no additional SAS technology is needed. 

Easily operationalize your open source analytical models, and put your data to work for faster, smarter business decisions. 

Model registration

Provides secure, versioned storage for all types of models in a centralized, web-based repository. Enables you to search, query, sort and filter models by attributes associated with models.

Model scoring

Lets you combine open source and other types of models in the same project for comparison and assessment using different model fit statistics. Enables you to create model versions, as well as manage different project versions.

Model deployment

Allows you to publish models to batch, streaming and Docker runtime containers with embedded binaries and score code files, as well as promote runtime containers to local Docker and AWS Docker environments.

Performance monitoring

Lets you monitor model performance over time and produce performance charts, including variable distribution, characteristic, stability, lift, ROC, KS and Gini reports.


Is delivered as a singular, portable image with all the necessary tools, ready to be deployed on-site.

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