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SAS® Event Stream Processing

Analyze streaming data and make instant, accurate decisions

As large amounts of data flow into your business at lightning speed, you have to act fast before that data is stored or becomes obsolete. Slow response times lead to lost opportunities – or missed red flags. With SAS Event Stream Processing, you can analyze high-velocity big data while it’s in motion, helping you know what requires action, and what can be ignored.


Get instant information, take immediate action.

Streaming data from operations, transactions, sensors and devices is more valuable when you capture key insights in real time. Regardless of data type – or source – event stream processing from SAS helps you know what needs immediate attention, what can be ignored and what should be stored.

Make sound decisions with sound analysis.

Having accurate data at your disposal means you’re always prepared to take the right action. Event stream processing from SAS provides in-stream data quality, prebuilt analytic expressions and advanced analytics integration for complex pattern matching.

Scale to accommodate large amounts of data.

Faster, better and more powerful stream processing leads to high-volume throughput of hundreds of millions of events per second – with low-latency response times. Continuous queries run faster in the flexible threaded processing model, which natively supports updates, deletions and insertions while data is in motion.

Take full control and adapt to changes quickly.

No matter how fast your data moves, or how much data you have, or even how many data sources you’re pulling from, it’s all under your control from a single, intuitive interface. You can define patterns and address scenarios from any aspect of your business, giving you the power to stay agile and tackle issues as they arise.


Backgrounds 84A1005


  • Exceptional processing performance. High-volume processing of millions of events per second as well as low-latency response times outperform other stream processing engines.
  • Ability to consolidate data sources. An extensive suite of source adapters helps you consume the sources you need today – including both structured and unstructured data streams – with the ability to extend in the future.
  • Adaptable in-stream analytics. An intuitive visual interface makes it easy to define, test and refine event stream models, alleviating the need to hire specialized programmers.
  • Real-time response. Streaming visualization, alerts and notifications provide immediate understanding and instruction so you can understand situational status and react to what’s happening now.
  • Powerful event stream scrutiny. Streaming data is continuously being assessed with in-stream data manipulation, prebuilt data quality, normalization and other data management tasks so you can cleanse and filter data streams quickly.
  • Built to scale. Hardware investments are optimized with distributed in-memory grid processing that linearly scales as data grows.

      Technical Information

      Axeda IoT Excellence 2014

      SAS was named an IoT Excellence Award winner at Connexion 2014, Axeda's annual conference (now PTC), in recognition of our skills and expertise in developing innovative solutions for the Internet of Things.

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