SAS China wins Top Employer award

SAS China has been named to the list of Top Employers China 2015. This is the eighth consecutive year SAS China has been honored with the award.

Through the extensive research undertaken by the Top Employers Institute, the best employers provide the highest standard of employee offerings. SAS has shown that it is a leading employer, creating life-enriching experiences for employees and lifting the international standard for employee conditions.

“We are very pleased to receive this honor,” said Cliff Wu, Managing Director of SAS Greater China. “Especially, it’s a timely encouragement to the SAS China team, as we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of SAS China and aiming to achieve another record high in 2014 performance.”

Providing an effective working environment is greatly helpful for morale and productivity, Wu said. “Our consistent recognition from Top Employers also reflects positive effects on our continuing business growth in SAS China, while we are achieving a compound annual growth rate of nearly 32 percent in the period of 2011-2014.”

The Top Employers Institute’s research assesses all critical areas of the Human Resources environment, certifying organizations that can demonstrate they are continuously optimizing employee conditions and leading the way in the development of their people.

The certification process comprises a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s HR environment: strategy, policy implementation, monitoring and communication of employee conditions. There are 50 organizations certified as Top Employers China 2015.

The Certification program covers approximately 585 best practices across nine topics.

“As more and more companies entered the Top Employer selection activity, Top Employers Institute changed the appraisal rules from five topics to nine, making the road full of challenges,” said Alfred Liu, General Manager of SAS Beijing R&D.

“However, our HR team worked very hard to collect information and evidentiary material,” Liu added. “They filled out forms carefully and in great detail. It is a good honor to win it for eight consecutive years. We are proud of ourselves. This certification is not only an honor for us, it also reinforces our talent strategy and approach in developing our people.”

About the China Top Employer survey

The Top Employers Best Practice Survey has been designed to examine a wide range of HR practices and policies. When companies implement and manage these practices successfully, they are maximizing their chances of being an excellent employer.

Topics span the HR function: talent management, leadership, training and development, and a host of strategic initiatives to attract, retain and engage talent.

The benefits of having the HR Best Practices Survey built on a scoring model in this way is the fact it provides companies with greater clarity regarding the current status of their HR policies and practices, as well as their employee offerings. Hence, companies can set priorities to strengthen HR offerings and practices.

The way the topics are structured provides a roadmap for continuously improving the capabilities of a company in creating the right conditions for employees to be effective and to develop.

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