SAS® helps banks clear regulatory hurdles through integrated capital planning

New SAS® Capital Planning and Management saves time, increases efficiency for finance, treasury and risk teams

Regulations require banks to annually ensure that they have a comprehensive plan to mitigate risks and confirm sufficient capital to withstand economic stress. SAS Capital Planning and Management makes it easier with proactive, consolidated capital planning that saves time and boosts efficiency.

“The new SAS solution is paving the way for banks to improve regulatory compliance with better risk and financial data integration while offering smooth interoperability with third-party systems,” said Alex Kwiatkowski, Head of Financial Insights Europe, IDC Financial Insights. “SAS Capital Planning and Management empowers banks with a powerful and straightforward way to manage business process workflow and includes a detailed capital planning framework to help deliver immediate increases in operational performance.”

Banks can use SAS Capital Planning and Management within the finance department for a consolidated planning process that integrates treasury, strategy and risk data. This integration pulls capital allocation, optimization and planning under one solution. Now armed with the same risk data, finance teams can build reliable planning and stress testing scenarios while the treasury group can meet economic and regulatory capital funding requests in real time. The solution can easily evaluate an institution’s long-term viability under different potential strategies and stress scenarios.

SAS Capital Planning and Management acts as the central conduit to gather input from different lines of business, so treasury, risk and credit teams can run calculations to support regulatory requirements such as Basel III and Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR). SAS Capital Planning and Management can also summarize data and provides custom-built forms for capital planning teams.

SAS delivers a holistic environment for risk and financial reporting for improved decision making, regulatory transparency and compliance. By combining people, processes and technology, the business process management workflow simplifies the creation, sequencing and automation of tasks. SAS Capital Planning and Management accelerates consistent and auditable processes with on-demand calculations to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

“SAS Capital Planning and Management helps banks establish a desired risk appetite to achieve the best return adjusted for its risk,” said Brooke Upton, Global Risk Product Marketing Manager at SAS. “Finance organizations will be able to make solid capital allocation recommendations appropriate to the right business areas with the goal of a higher risk-adjusted profit.”

Read more about the benefits of an integrated solution in Capital Management for Banking: The Dawn of a New Era.

Sobre o SAS

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