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Customer Journey Activation

Personalize the customer journey for relevance across every interaction.

Discover how consumers, brands and technology will evolve through 2030.

How SAS® Delivers Customer Journey Activation

Infuse analytics throughout customer journey creation, coordination and delivery processes.

Comprehensive, omnichannel customer engagement suite

Built from the ground up with integration factored in, SAS solutions provide rich functionality for inbound and outbound campaign design, powered by a real-time decision engine and best-in-class customer analytics and AI capabilities.

Modular, flexible deployment options

Construct workflows, campaigns and journeys across channels with a single, intuitive interface that is both flexible and secure – and integrates easily with external systems. Our solution grows with you as your organization matures – from simple outbound campaigns to real-time behavioral personalization.

Embedded AI support for optimized testing & recommendations

Extensive out-of-the-box performance insights and AI-driven attribution maximize your marketing investment. Uncover cross-sell and upsell opportunities using techniques like automated segment discovery. Minimize costs and lower your risk by embedding AI in email creation, testing and deliverability management.

Why choose SAS for customer journey activation?

Transform better insights into better marketing performance

Our analytics gives you a forward-looking view. By better understanding customer behavior, you'll know the most significant business drivers. Goal seeking routines help determine optimal contact levels, and embedded AI capabilities make intimate, effective customer relationships easy.

Start small & add on as needed

SAS gives you the confidence, choice and control to work however you want, managing risks while capitalizing on opportunities. The modular nature of SAS marketing analytics solutions allows you to start small and add on over time, following a natural growth path.

Take advantage of AI that works

You don't have to be a data scientist. Built-in, easy-to-use analytical and data management processes are business user-friendly. Integrated analytical guides – such as automatically derived segmentation and applied optimization – allow marketers to uncover insights hidden in data.

Perform true predictive marketing

Unlike traditional “marketing cloud” solutions, SAS uses hybrid marketing techniques that fuse traditional, direct-channel data with dynamic digital data collection. Create true omnichannel journeys spanning every touch point – without having to toggle between traditional direct and digital marketing applications.

Customers Reimagining Marketing With SAS

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