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AI kicks it up a notch.

WITH 8-figure contracts, recruiting is a high-stakes game.

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Every week, more than 1,500 matches in 210 leagues are analyzed.

SciSports uses AI solutions from SAS to calculate the talent and value of more than 200,000 soccer players, helping clubs identify rising stars, undervalued players and opponents.

Real-time 3D game analysis catches everything.

Fourteen cameras placed around the stadium record every movement on the field – from precision of passing to jumping strength – giving SciSports a complete picture of talent.

Robot jumping in air and kicking soccer ball

SciSports Facts & Figures


Universal index of every professional soccer player


Players analyzed in SciSkill Index


Cameras around the pitch for real-time analysis

How do you use AI to find the world's next soccer star?

SciSports tracks on-field movements using machine learning algorithms that learn with experience. Values are assigned to each position and change over time based on their success rate. A goal, for example, has a high value, but a contributing action can become more valuable as the platform masters the game. AI makes it possible to discover new connections and spot rising stars.

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Our ambition is to bring real-time data analytics to billions of soccer fans all over the world. By partnering with SAS, we can make that happen.

–Giels Brouwer, Founder and CEO of SciSports

AI is in the game to stay.

Clubs aren’t just looking for the best players. They’re looking for the best combination of players. The ability to deploy deep learning models in memory onto cameras, and then do the inferencing in real time, is cutting-edge science that will change the future of sports analytics.

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