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SAS® Predictive Modeling Workbench for SAP HANA

Simplify and accelerate the predictive modeling life cycle.

We've integrated industry-leading SAS® Analytics with the SAP HANA platform to speed up the entire analytical life cycle – from preparing and exploring data to developing, deploying and monitoring models. Pushing analytic processing closer to the data helps you extract valuable insights fast. Need big data analytics to solve complex problems quickly? High-performance analytic capabilities are available as an add-on.


Boost the efficiency of your predictive analytic life cycle.

Running our proven advanced analytics algorithms on SAP HANA means greater efficiency and productivity for a variety of users – from the data management team that preps the data, to the data scientist who explores data relationships and develops the model, to the IT group that deploys and executes the model.

Discover new insights for solving real problems.

Don’t just depend on decision trees. Try ensembles or support vector machine models to find the best solution to gain competitive advantage. We provide the widest array of industry-proven statistical, data mining and machine-learning algorithms available for building predictive and descriptive models.

Simplify your IT landscape, and treat models as high-value assets.

Your analytics infrastructure shouldn't get in the way of your modeling processes. Reduce data movement by bringing analytics to the data – not the other way around. SAS and SAP HANA together can cost-effectively scale to meet diverse, future workloads. Plus, you can manage and continuously monitor model performance to ensure ongoing accuracy and usefulness.

Add high performance to your analytical life cycle.

As an add-on, high-performance analytic capabilities enable you to quickly execute analytical models in a distributed, in-memory environment. You can run more complex algorithms, quickly add new variables and perform more modeling iterations to produce better insights and make timely decisions.


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  • Data access. Native integration between SAS and SAP HANA to read, write and update data via the SAS/ACCESS Interface to SAP HANA.
  • Data preparation and exploration. A powerful set of data preparation tools for greater ease and efficiency.
  • Predictive model development. Streamlined data mining processes using SAS Enterprise Miner to create highly accurate predictive and descriptive models.
  • High-performance predictive model development. Tight integration with SAP HANA's massive parallel processing in-memory environment for analyzing big data with sophisticated modeling techniques.
  • Distributed model deployment and execution. Automated deployment of predictive models to run directly on the data within SAP HANA.
  • Model management and monitoring. Integration of analytical model management, deployment and monitoring with your SAP HANA data store.



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