Enterprise Decision Management

Embed information and analytical results directly into operations at the point of decision

Successful operational decisions must include both analytical intelligence and business rules that apply to the context of everyday business events. Traditionally, this has been a challenge because scenario testing, business rule definitions and predictive models have been governed by different groups, using different systems and often built on different data.

SAS Enterprise Decision Management makes it easy to embed business rules and analytical results directly into operational processes and tactical business systems. It does this by standardizing the input data, managing the business rules workflow and using event logic to produce contextually aware decisions and better business actions – all in one unified system.

Components of SAS® Enterprise Decision Management

SAS® Decision Manager

Quickly and seamlessly automate operational decisions that streamline day-to-day business activities.

SAS® Business Rules Manager

Enable multiple users to create, deploy and manage complex business rules within a single managed environment.

SAS® Model Manager

Deliver model management capabilities to users consistently to support an automated analytical life cycle that includes analytical model imports, deployment, operations and monitoring.

How SAS® Is Different

Integrated decisions

By embedding rich information and analytics services within operational applications, SAS brings the power of analytics and business rules directly to the place where operational decisions are made. In addition, SAS provides a closed-loop continuum that cycles analytical results back into the analytics and decision life cycle.

Rich analytics

While there are many solutions available that help organizations manage their processes, none include the depth and breadth of SAS Analytics. Decisions based on applying analytics at the moment they are needed can lead to superior results and competitive advantage.

Simplified deployment

Free analysts from deployment concerns. Instead, analysts can focus on the business logic and analytical models needed to implement their strategies. One environment, one answer, one deployment.

Information sharing and collaboration

Having a consistent interface eliminates the need to log in to different tools – and ensures consistent metadata is used to effectively link information. So teams responsible for different activities are better able to access and share the same information across the enterprise.

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