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SAS Forecasting for Desktop

SAS® Forecasting for Desktop

Plan more confidently with reliable, automatically generated forecasts

Automatically generate forecasts to help you plan more efficiently and effectively. Included are a complete model repository with a full range of forecasting methods, automated statistical forecast model selection and optimization, hierarchical reconciliation, event modeling, what-if analysis, and scenario planning.


Get reliable forecasts without programming.

Across multiple products and locations, and at all levels of aggregation, the solution builds appropriate models for your data while minimizing the opportunity for errors due to human intervention, bias or lack of expertise.

Make faster, better decisions with a manageable forecasting process.

By making your forecasting process easier to manage, we enable analysts to focus on the most important forecasts and on other value-added analysis and reporting tasks.

Plan future events more realistically.

Based on variables that you supply in the modeling process, the software automatically selects variables such as business drivers, holidays or events to generate forecasts that reflect the intricacies of your business.

Assess uncertainty and risk in forecasts.

By indicating a statistical and visual range of likely outcomes instead of just providing a point forecast, the solution enables users to assess forecast uncertainty and risk and make decisions accordingly.

Provide ease of use to all skill levels.

The solution's convenient, wizard-driven interface gives novice users state-of-the-art forecasting methods without programming or knowledge of time series models. Yet it has all the power and sophistication that more experienced analysts need.


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SAS Forecasting for Desktop
  • Automatic forecasting. Generates statistically sound forecasts for up to 1,000 time series per project without the need for human intervention
  • Scalability and modeling. Lets you create multiple projects (by product family, brand, sales, etc.) if there are more than 1,000 time series to forecast.
  • Unlimited model repository. Provides forecasting methods to address all your forecasting needs.
  • Easy-to-use GUI. Provides access to the power of SAS forecasting without having to write SAS code.

  • Event-modeling console. Uses patented technology to statistically model a variety of event types – including pulse, level shift, ramp up/down and temporary events.
  • What-if analysis and scenario planning. Includes a scenario analyzer for testing what-if scenarios.
  • Data preparation. Includes time series data management capabilities.

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