How do I buy outside the US?

US customers should visit our store at Outside the US, please visit for software and your local bookseller for books. You may also purchase our training from

Why do I need a SAS Profile?

An updated SAS Profile is required for purchase. Please create a profile or log in to learn more.

Why can't I find the product I wanted to buy?

At this time, only JMP and JMP Pro are available in our store. For JMP Clinical or JMP Genomics, complete a contact request form on to have a sales representative contact you, or call 1-877-594-6567 to speak to a representative.

Are there pricing options and discounts for online purchases?

We currently only offer standard commercial pricing online. Options and discounts may be appropriate for some buyers. If you believe this applies to you, please complete a contact request form on to have a sales representative contact you, or call 1-877-594-6567 to speak to a representative.

How is SAS® software licensed?

Thousands of SAS customers around the world continue to invest in our software because it delivers immediate and lasting value. This is why we've always licensed our software on an annual basis. You pay a first-year fee and then yearly renewals. With your SAS licensing agreement, you receive free software upgrades, free technical support, free online documentation and support center.

Where can I find the system requirements for each product?

JMP and JMP Pro requirements.

What do I do if I qualify for a tax exemption?

To receive tax exemption, please email your tax exemption certificate to the SAS Finance Department at Tax exemption orders cannot be placed online.

Can I use my SAS Training Points?

At this time, customers cannot apply SAS Training Points in the store. To make use of this method of payment, please contact Book Sales at 800-727-3228 or

How do I get course notes data?

Course Notes Data is only provided to customers who purchased the course notes. Please complete the following Course Note Data Request Form.

How do I purchase multiple copies of course notes?

To order more than two copies of course notes, please complete this request form.

Can I use the store if I am a book reseller?

For all reseller book orders, please call 800-727-3228, email us at, or fax your order to 919-677-8166. Visit our support site to learn more about our reseller program.

Is there a bulk order discount?

We offer a bulk discount of 40% off the retail price for purchases of 25 or more copies of a single title (applies to hardcopy format only). Call 800-727-3228 for details and to place your order.

Can I cancel my order?

Your order cannot be canceled once it has been placed. If you have questions about our policy or any product that you have purchased, please contact SAS Customer Service at 877-539-7727.

Can a book be returned?

Print books may be returned within 90 days. Please see the Return Policy for more details. Once purchased, an eBook cannot be returned.

Where do I find the example code and data that accompanies my book?

Look under the author’s name on the author pages. The example code and data are located under the image of the book.

What does "Print on Demand" mean?

Print on demand means the book is printed after it is ordered. It takes two to three days to print the book before it is shipped.

Which E-Book format should I purchase? (MOBI, EPUB, or PDF)?

MOBI files allow you to read your book with a Kindle device.
EPUB files may be read on just about any tablet, mobile device or e-reader.
PDF files are ideal if you want your e-book to look exactly like a printed book. PDF files may be viewed on a multitude of devices, regardless of hardware or operating system.
For more about SAS e-books, including functionality, use policy, and sales terms, see Purchasing E-Books from SAS