SAS® Analytics platform fights fraud and security issues more effectively, efficiently

SAS® Security Intelligence spans industries with common infrastructure

The continued rise of global cross-channel, organized crime and cyber-crime in financial services firms, government agencies and other sectors demands the use of analytics-driven security. Driving the industry trend toward consolidation of fraud and security issues, business analytics leader SAS' new SAS® Security Intelligence platform helps customers guard against losses from fraud and improper payments, regulatory non-compliance, and threats to public security.

"Security and fraud risk exposure is increasing as organizations are threatened at multiple points of vulnerability," said analyst Avivah Litan, Vice President and distinguished analyst at Gartner. "Companies are reevaluating how they tackle security since a fragmented approach is consistently leaving organizations at greater risks of attack. A more holistic approach to security ensures all layers of protection function together."

SAS Security Intelligence employs innovative continuous monitoring technology and high-performance analytics to assist in preventing losses and improving accuracy. The enhanced infrastructure uses common analytic detection and investigation components to address fraud and improper payments, regulatory compliance and security objectives across industries. An enterprise-wide strategy to these affronts increases effectiveness and efficiency. By holistically tracking fraud and security trends and identifying large-scale threats early, countermeasures can have maximum impact.

For law enforcement investigators, SAS Security Intelligence provides a holistic view of a criminal event, including pre-incident and intelligence gathering, the event itself, and post-event and offender monitoring. The same investigative and analytical processes followed by law enforcement also apply to commercial organizations, whether it is entertainment companies investigating piracy, insurance companies tackling fraudulent claims, or corporate espionage.

"There is no common nomenclature to define financial crimes across industries," said Stu Bradley, Senior Director for Security Intelligence Solutions at SAS. "SAS extends far beyond historically defined financial crime to issues related to regulatory compliance, national security, public safety, network security and law enforcement. This important distinction emphasizes the breadth of SAS' industry-leading capabilities."

SAS Security Intelligence generates highly accurate results through superior modeling and industry-specific analytic strategies. The comprehensive approach, real-time decision-making and multiple deployment options expedite time to detection and prevention while minimizing losses and risk. Whether analyzing corporate network vulnerabilities, securing payments across financial institutions and social benefit programs, proactively identifying threats against public or national security, supporting fusion centers and information sharing, or securing our borders, SAS represents a next-generation, analytic-driven approach to security.

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