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Our software is only as important as what can be accomplished with it.

Having the opportunity to explore is the best part of my job. I’m part of a passionate team who work with banks, retail companies and IT firms, who come up with ingenious ways to help our customers.

Umang Chaudhary, Senior Associate Technical Consultant, SAS

Moving the world forward

No matter the industry, organizations are collecting data at a faster pace than they can often handle. SAS provides everything they need to make sense of that data, manage its growth and determine what information brings the most value. Whether it’s to reduce fraud in banking, speed drugs to market in life sciences, forecast demand in retail, detect security breaches in government or identify students at risk of falling behind, SAS takes pride in making a difference.

SAS customers represent more than 90% of Fortune Global 500® companies.

Our employees and our customers believe in what we do.

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“Close interaction with our customers is what makes our software strong. Because we’re not creating algorithms in an ivory tower and throwing them over the fence …we actually want to solve our customers’ problems."

Dr. Radhika Kulkarni, VP of Advanced Analytics R&D, SAS
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“The folks in the Education Practice all consider ourselves lucky to work with organizations responsible for the education of our nation’s youth. We know that the software we sell, support and promote can make all the difference in education, and we’re proud of our part in that.”

Emily Baranello, Senior Director of Sales, SAS


It was such a powerful moment when the customer realized SAS was the answer, stopped the presentation, signed the deal with SAS and dispensed the competition on the spot.
Brian Holden, Senior Account Executive for HSBC, SAS UK

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Kaiser Permanente

When we’re deep in systems development, it’s easy to forget that ultimately it’s about improving peoples’ lives. But with the alacrity and accuracy we’ve attained, it’s easy to make the leap between our SAS-driven intelligence and ways we can help our HIV patients.
Wansu Chen, Biostatistics and Database Development,
Kaiser Permanente

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Cancer Research Initiative

“Liberating data to help advance scientific research and improve patient care. This is why we’re motivated – to do something that’s meaningful.”

Matt Gross, Business Director for the Health & Life Sciences Global Practice, SAS

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"I met the founders of WildTrack a dozen years ago, and fell in love with the project immediately. Now I help the team save tigers, pandas and other endangered species. I feel like a real partner in conservation!"

Diana Levey, Senior Director of Marketing, JMP Division, SAS

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“I have a passion for solving problems. Every day, I get to create something or make something better to help a customer.”

Charles Shorb, Principal Software Developer, SAS
headshot of Marie Lowman and daughter

“It’s my hope that you all know how important it is – what SAS does every single day in terms of the day-to-day activities and the technologies that you provide. Because you gave hope to myself and my husband. And you gave my daughter a chance at a life that she may not otherwise have.”

Marie Lowman, Principal Product Marketing Manager, SAS

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With embedded technologies, we can operate like a Formula 1 team that analyzes every parameter during the race to bring a car into the pits at the best possible time.
Eric Bélot, Head of Statistical Analysis of Product Quality Data for EMEA, SAS

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Orlando Magic

SAS is probably one of the greatest investments we’ve made as an organization … because we can point to top-line revenue growth SAS has helped us create.
Alex Martins, CEO, Orlando Magic

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Our out-of-stocks are fewer, our markdowns are fewer and our margins are higher – which, at the end of the day, is what every retailer wants.
Harris Mustafa, Executive VP for Supply Chain Merchandise Planning and Allocation, DSW

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