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Scorpio Software Services P/L
Michael Dixon
646 Botany Road
Alexandria, 2015
Phone: +61 400 490 408
Fax: +61 2 9089 8989

Description: Scorpio Software Services was formed in September 2009 by a team of well-respected senior SAS consultants. The company is run by a management team with vast experience leading and delivering major SAS projects in both Australia and New Zeland.
Industry: Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Health Care and Life Sciences, Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Public Sector/Government, Retail, Education
Services: Wireless Technologies, Data Modeling, OLAP, Data Mining, Multi-Dimensional storage design and implementatio, Data Migration, Macro Facility, Contract Programming, Computer Performance Evalutation and Capacity Plan, Integration Technologies, Client / Server Implementation, Installation of SAS Software, Business Intelligence, HOLAP Solutions, Portals, Data Quality, Query and Reporting, Graphics, Web Enablement, Forecasting, System Integration, Enterprise Reporting, System Migration, Design & Code Review, Software Maintenance, Database Interfacing, SAS Software Training, Data Warehousing, Relational storage design and implementation, Data Synchronization, Application Software Development
SAS Products: SAS/SHARE*NET, SAS Forecast Server, SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server, SAS Enterprise BI Server, SAS Data Surveyor for Siebel, SAS Data Surveyor for SAP, SAS Data Surveyor for Peoplesoft, SAS Data Surveyor for Oracle, SAS Data Quality Solution, SAS Data Integration Studio, SAS Data Integration Server, SAS BI Server, SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, Integration Technologies, Enterprise Miner, Enterprise Guide, SAS Grid Computing, SAS High-Performance Forecasting, SAS Info Delivery Portal bundle, SAS/SHARE, SAS/SECURE, SAS/IntrNet, SAS/GRAPH software, SAS/FSP, SAS/CONNECT, SAS/ASSIST, SAS/AF, SAS/ACCESS, SAS Web Report Studio, SAS Web OLAP Viewer for Java, SAS Universal ODBC Driver, SAS Text Miner, SAS Metadata Server, SAS Management Console, BASE
Solutions: Strategic Performance Management, Credit Scoring for Banking, Credit Risk Management for Banking, Campaign Management
Geography: Australia
Language: English
Operating System: MS DOS, Win NT, Sun Solaris SPARC, MVS, UNIX, Linux, z/OS, MAC, Windows, PC DOS, AIX 5L
Competency: Visualization, Analytics