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SAS Brazil is 4th best company to work for in IT, Telecom

The company also received an award of distinction in the category "Hire, Celebrate and Share"

CARY, NC  (07. aug. 2013)  – This week, SAS Brazil achieved fourth position in the ranking of Great Place to Work Brazil 2013 – IT and Telecom Industry. The company climbed two places compared to last year. In addition, for the fourth consecutive year, SAS received a special award, this year in the category “Hire, Share and Celebrate.”  

SAS is the only company that been recognized for all the practices that make up the Special Awards GPTW. In its debut year in the list of the Best Companies to Work (2010), SAS featured in the category "Inspire, Speak and Listen." The following year, the company won ''Hiring, Share and Celebrate" (as it was this year). And in 2012, SAS rankied in the category "Thank, Involve and Take Care."

A total of 201 organizations participated in the 2013 IT and Telecommunications survey. For Marcio Dobal, President of SAS Latin America, this index greatly affects how the company is positioned in the market. "It is very gratifying to be among the five best companies to work for. The business analytics market demands very specific knowledge and we invest in our employees because they are our main assets. We offer incentives so they can feel motivated and excited to come into to the office every day", explains Dobal.

The executive points out that the company's culture is based on employee satisfaction and quality of life. "Here at SAS, we prioritize people. The goal is to ensure them the opportunity for a good balance between personal and professional life," he concludes.

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