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Why SAS training
SAS believes that training is essential for the successful implementation and the optimal use of software tools. We use a wide range of teaching methods to accommodate various kinds of learning styles. SAS focuses on an active and practice-based way of learning, which allows students to transfer the freshly acquired knowledge into action.

Equipped with the knowledge and the skills, SAS-users are ready to face the diverse and often complex challenges faced by our customers.

Visual Analytics: Smart – Fast – Mobile

See what you have been missing: discover how to apply analytics to data of any size to spot previously unknown patterns, identify key relationships and uncover insights that would otherwise stay hidden. 
Learn how to prepare data for exploration, use sophisticated analytics, and benefit from robust reporting during this 3-days course: SAS Visual Analytics


SAS Business Knowledge Series

Customer Training offers real-world solutions for today's professionals:

  • focused in-depth topics on the latest business developments
  • courses that extend traditional SAS software training on topics of the day
  • interactive lectures, software demonstrations, and hands-on workshops by thought leaders and field experts

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