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SAS thought leader publishes second book

"Delivering Business Analytics: Practical Guidelines for Best Practice," by Evan Stubbs of SAS Australia and New Zealand 

SYDNEY, Australia  (27 Feb 2013)  –  Written specifically for business analytics and intelligence managers, C-level executives and data architects, Delivering Business Analytics: Practical Guidelines for Best Practice, explains how to implement business analytics in an organisation and how the process leads to insights for improved decision making. The book, by SAS ANZ's chief analytics officer, Evan Stubbs, is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of business analytics, presenting management guidelines to drive sustainable differentiation.

Using case studies, Stubbs reviews solutions and examples to over twenty common organisational challenges including managing analytics assets and information, leveraging technology, nurturing skills and defining processes.

With an emphasis on real-world examples, Delivering Business Analytics provides a reference guide for:

  • The economic principles behind business analytics that lead to competitive differentiation
  • The elements of analytics that constitute best practice
  • Fifteen management principles for data scientists to move towards best practice

Well qualified to write about the gains to be had from the adoption of business analytics, Evan Stubbs has helped organisations across industries and the public sector to extract value from business analytics. A recognised expert in innovation, Evan has a background advising as a management consultant with KPMG Consulting, providing architectural strategy with Deloitte, as well as managing innovation within General Motor's research and development activities. He is also the author of The Value of Business Analytics – Identifying the Path to Profitability.

Pre-publication reviews have applauded Delivering Business Analytics: Practical Guidelines for Best Practice

"For organisations to capitalise on analytics they have to not only do analysis of data, but they have to convert the results of analytics into products and services that users can use. This is where Evan's latest book helps. It covers the issues that bear directly on how analytics should be operationalized. This is essentially about embedding analytical solutions in the business of an organisation. This process sounds simple in theory but is far from simple in practice. Evan covers the relevant issues such as people, infrastructure, data and processes. If there is a single statement that summarises what Evan's book is about it is that the creation of value is more important than insight. Evan's book is about how to do this."

Warwick Graco, Senior Director of Operational Analytics, Australian Taxation Office

"(This) book is densely packed with the Zen of business analytics from his wealth of experience and expertise … this is not ten steps to success for mindless management. It richly rewards re-reads and reflection."

James Mansell, Director of Innovation and Strategic Design, Ministry of Social Development New Zealand

"A stellar collection of real-life experiences of a business analytics expert and a bible for every leader of a business analytics function."

Kerem Tomak, VP of Marketing Analytics,

Delivering Business Analytics: Practical Guidelines for Best Practice is available at

Kindle Edition: US$34.48, Hardcover: US$36.30 or by contacting Andrea Acton of SAS - or +61 (0) 2 9428 0685

Published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. and available worldwide today

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SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions delivered within an integrated framework, SAS helps customers at more than 60,000 sites improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Since 1976 SAS has been giving customers around the world The Power to Know® .

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