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Strategic role of CIOs in implementing big data analytics

Jakarta  (Oct. 30, 2013)  – Today's CIO in Indonesia has challenge in handling big data1 in organisation: companies have huge amounts of data, but the data is only interesting if you can derive analytical value from it. SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, is offering big data analytics to help organisations obtain real value and insight.

Claus Mortensen, Director of Emerging Technology Research at IDC Asia/Pacific said, "The expansion of networking infrastructure in Indonesia, both wired and wireless, is creating significant opportunity for great movements of information between consumers and businesses. The use of Business Analytics by these businesses will open the door for deeper and more personalized customer engagement. The pervasive use of social media and mobile devices are quickly changing today's business landscape. As organizations in Indonesia continue to transform business through digitization of business information, they are in position to leverage Business Analytics to drive significant value from that digitized data. Indonesian CIOs have the opportunity to get involved early in the process to ensure business interests are met, while protecting information assets."

Erwin Sukiato, Country Manager at SAS Indonesia said, "With Big Data Analytics, organisations can make better and faster decisions based not only on what has happened, but what will happen next. They can also predict the best possible outcome while remaining agile in swiftly changing times. For example, a retailer optimizing pricing for throusands of items, bank with millions customers and accounts build stronger customer relationship, and improve risk management, or government agency fighting fraud."

Philip Carter, Associate Vice President of IDC Asia/Pacific mentioned that the era of 'Big Data' has arrived: multi-petabyte data warehouses, social media interactions, real-time sensory data feeds, geospatial information and other new data sources are presenting organizations with a range of challenges, but also significant opportunities. Moving forward, as CIOs start to adopt the new class of technologies required to process, discover and analyze these massive data sets that cannot be dealt with using traditional databases and architectures, it will become clear that the real value will be derived from the high-end analytics that can be performed on the increasing volumes, velocity and variety of data that organizations are generating.2

Big Data Analytics has arrived

According to more than 1000 CIOs and Line of Business (LOB) executives that were interviewed as part of the Asia/Pacific C-Suite Barometer in February 2011, business analytics was rated as the number one technology area that would enable their organization to gain competitive edge in the year ahead.

As analytics is the priority, SAS engages CIOs in Indonesia to be aware of the technologies and trends developing in this big data analytics area. Before implementing analytics, the IT executives should has strategy in their enterprise architecture. In architecting the enterprise for analytics, the CIO has strategic role through clear understanding in what they are trying to achieve in implementing analytics, a climate for success in implementing analytics, competence that needed in implementing analytics and where are we now regarding the data zise and analytics competence.

Philip Carter explained, organizations need to look at creating a 'high performance analytics environment' processing as well as in-memory storage to deal with the increased volume, velocity and variety of data. Another would be the ability to process mixed workloads in the same infrastructure environment such as the appliance.3

Erwin added, "Combined with a breadth of technologies to perform big analytics across the enterprise, large or small, SAS helps organisations extract meaningful insight from their big data and obtain the real business value. With SAS® High-Performance Analytics offers in-memory solutions that let you develop analytical models using complete data, not just a subset, to produce more accurate and timely insights. Now you can run frequent modeling iterations and use sophisticated analytics to get fast answers to questions you never thought of or had time to ask. Domain-specific high-performance products from SAS include statistics, data mining, text mining, econometrics, forecasting and optimization. SAS® Visual Analytics is a high-performance, in-memory solution for exploring massive amounts of data very quickly. It enables you to spot patterns, identify opportunities for further analysis and convey visual results via Web reports, the iPad® or an Android tablet."

Capabilities in SAS simplify big data management and allow businesses to derive insights from all of their data, not just a sample. Enterprise such as Cosmos Bank, the dominant player in Taiwan's cash-card market, uses SAS Visual Analytics to dive into its big data for up-to-the-minute customer intelligence and risk management. As a result, board members and risk managers can make the most informed decisions at the right time to help the bank maintain an edge over the competition. 

1IDC defines Big Data as data sets whose volume, variety, velocity and complexity make it impossible for current databases and architectures to store and manage.

2IDC, Big Data Analytics: Future Architectures, Skills and Roadmaps for the CIO, Philip Carter, February 2011.

3IDC, Big Data Analytics: Future Architectures, Skills and Roadmaps for the CIO, Philip Carter, February 2011.


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