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Stop Fraud

Why companies need IT to combat fraud

Information technology is an essential tool for combating fraud. Without using the predictive power of analytics, it isn't possible to prevent fraud before it happens. 


The benefits of analytics in healthcare
In any industry, the organisations that can adapt quickly and intelligently to changing market forces will succeed in the long term. In the health industry in particular, organisations need to contain costs and respond quickly to changes globally and locally.
IMM: key to future marketing initiative success
Integrated Marketing Management, spanning technologies, communication channels and enterprise ecosystems, will be key to the success of marketing initiatives in future, says SAS.
Building a better South Africa with advanced analytics
Declining tax revenues, requirements for maintaining high levels of service, unprecedented demands for increased efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability - these are all challenges that government is facing today and the demands placed on it have never been higher as our society utilises the social platforms available to them to become more engaged, vocal and informed

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