Analytics Value Training for Insurance

Gain Operational Excellence with Analytics Value Training for Insurance

Start date: November 17, 2021

Act with confidence. Seize new opportunities.

The Analytics Value Training for Insurance will help you to understand your digital assets and their value better. This program is designed to transform your organisation into a data-driven organisation and obtain business value with analytics in the insurance industry.

Real-time actionable insight

Powerful data analytics is the key to everything from pricing products, detecting fraud, gaining customer insight, improving risk assessment during the underwriting process and providing oversight of key risk and compliance indicators for insurance. 

Our 8-month learning program is specifically tailored for the insurance industry, it allows you to learn and reflect on critical analytics skills for professionals in the insurance industry.  Rather than exclusively feeding you with technical knowledge that can quickly become obsolete, we will also cover the critical skills to succeed with analytics and create a permanent behavioural change.

The program includes 10  days of mandatory virtual training to translate new knowledge into real business and analytics issues and cases. Optional days for more in-depth tool training and LAB sessions during the period are available, both for the individual and in the plenum. 

Who should participate

Actuaries, Data Analysts
(Data Exploration, Data Visualization, Analytic Analysis, Report Creation, Report Consumer, Domain Expert):
You explore and examine countless rows of data, looking for patterns and insights. As an analyst, you need solutions that help you work faster and see beneath the surface, such as visualisation of analytics and statistics.

Product Owners, Department Managers, Management
(Domain experts. Decision-makers):
You need to see the big picture as you evaluate processes and track ROI. Analytics delivers key insights so you can make confident business decisions.

Quantitative Analysts / Data Scientists
(Exploratory Analysis, Descriptive Segmentation, Predictive Modeling):
You question, experiment and test. As a data scientist, you need access to high-quality data so you can be creative and ask the right questions. Essential tricks of the trade are data visualisation, deep learning and other analytics solutions.

(Administrators, DBA, ETL personnel, Enterprise architects)
Coders. Architects. IT understands every aspect of deployment, from model registration to validation. Analytics enterprise-ready technology is built for deployment efficiency.

Program Expertise and Instructors

To ensure the best possible training program we have partnered with different experts in the field to create an ecosystem around the value of analytics. The faculty is comprised of industry thought leaders sharing the same passion, vision and commitment for the value of analytics.

Peter Nord Anderson

Jonas Kritz

Ulf Holmström

Daniel Yar Hamidi

Drew Smith

Karl Berthén

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The 8-month training program includes: 10 mandatory live web training sessions, online training and free certification.

Practical Information

  • Start date - November 17, 2021.
  • All training sessions are run in Zoom.
  • All sessions are delivered in English.
  • If you have questions, please contact Patric Hellgren (Analytics Value Training Program Manager)