SAS and Teradata Warranty Analysis Advantage Program

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SAS and Teradata Warranty Analysis Advantage offers a broad array of analytics required to transform warranty claims data into strategic intelligence, allowing companies to detect and correct issues earlier and reduce warranty costs.

Business Challenges

Faced with fierce competitive pressures, manufacturing organizations need to:

  • Detect and correct problems earlier.
  • Reduce product recalls.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce warranty costs.
  • Improve product quality.
  • Support agile responses to business, IT and regulatory challenges.

How the SAS and Teradata Warranty Analysis Advantage Program Can Help

Applying the power of SAS® Warranty Analysis software.

The analytics contained in SAS Warranty Analysis enable customers to reduce their time to issue detection and problem definition by four months (on average). This typically translates to a 15 percent reduction in warranty cost.

Reducing data movement and replication processes.

As a result of integration between SAS Warranty Analysis and Teradata, manufacturers are able to reduce data movement and replication processes – significantly shrinking the detection-to-correction window of quality issues.

Scaling and providing an easily managed database platform.

The Teradata database, designed specifically for data warehousing, is the most scalable and easily managed relational database on the market. While handling analytical and active operational processing concurrently, the Teradata database's self-managing parallel architecture allows it to scale on many dimensions at the same time.

Providing a centralized warranty and quality data repository.

For global organizations, this greatly enhances their ability to centrally manage multiple subsidiaries.

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