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SAS and NextBridge Consulting

NextBridge has considerable experience implementing SAS’ solutions and working with a number of SAS solutions for different industries and disciplines such as risk (Basel, Solvency), purchasing and marketing automation (CI) and customized solutions. SAS and NextBridge cover the entire range of BI and Analytical solutions, from data management to BigData, IoT, analytics and reporting. NextBridge is a partner with Amsio, thereby offering all SaaSNow product licencing (SAS VA, VS and VDMML) as a Cloud solution.

Focus Area
Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Management

Energy/Utilities, Banking/Financial Services, Insurance, Communications


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): NextBridge has developed and presented an approach for estimating CLV using SAS and Open Source machine learning tools, using SAS Viya-products and API’s.

About NextBridge Consulting

NextBridge is an IT-consultancy dedicated solely to business intelligence (BI). The company encompasses more than 600 years of collective experience in this field. Their services span most areas of the BI field, from data warehousing to reporting, from scorecards and dashboards to data mining and statistical analysis, from maturity analysis to BI Competency Centers and strategy development. We also provide advisory services. NextBridge is a partner with the leading technology companies in Business Intelligence. These solutions are evaluated by analysis bureaus to be the best in their respective categories.